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Based on these three guiding principles, Olivier Laroche’s method gets the best out of what performers have to offer.


Developing a Conquering Strategy 


Long before going on stage, even before rehearsals, it is crucial to have a clear vision for your show. This vision allows artists to project themselves into the future and imagine their actions on stage. They learn how to develop a personal approach to better meet the audience’s expectations and win over new fans.


Creating Unique Moments


Using this method, artists will think in terms of “moments” rather than “songs” and give each of their pieces a specific function. This way, artists no longer focus on the repertoire (or setlist) but on missions to be accomplished throughout the show. This also gives musicians greater creative freedom as they rearrange their music for the stage, moving from “studio” to “live” versions. 


Showcasing the Lead Performer

Lead singers are, by definition, at the forefront. In addition to singing, they must create strong ties with the audience. There are many tricks of the trade that, when used properly, increase the magnetism and stage presence of performers. Rehearsals help to quickly identify any type of awkwardness so we can find simple, effective and customized solutions to improve the artists’ stage presence. 


Comprehensive evaluation and review of the show from all angles:


  • Strategy to conquer the audience

  • Creating moments

  • Highlighting the main performer

  • Repertoire and song order (setlist)

  • Stage presence

  • Stage tools

  • Communicating with the audience

  • Music arrangements for the stage

  • Promotional strategy and merchandise sales

  • Leaving the comfort zone

  • Stage layout

  • Effective rehearsal

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