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As an artist, success will come from your ability to stand out, strike the imagination and gain new fans. However, many artists do not take the time to develop a personal vision for their shows and to prepare impressive stage performances. With uneven shows from one time to the next, these artists might be lucky enough to have a few songs play on the local radio, but they rarely enjoy long-lasting success. 

It is while onstage that artists create the most powerful bonds with their audience.

That is why having a unique vision for your show and being well prepared is so critical. When you hit the stage, you must have a plan in mind. One that will help you conquer the audience.


Some see their career plateau for various reasons such as lack of stage experience, difficulty expressing themselves in public, stage fright, inadequate work methods, loss of time (and money) in rehearsals, etc. The first step towards a positive change is to be aware of our own weaknesses and to look for solutions.

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