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Personalized coaching

Personalized live music performance coaching


Getting ready for: 

  • A professional showcase 

  • An album launch 

  • A contest

  • An opening act or double bill

  • Full-length professional shows


Ideal for:

  • Artists pursuing professional development

  • Up-and-coming bands

  • Established artists

  • Artists invited to major professional conventions

  • Artists who are launching a new album 

  • Groups or artists taking part in a battle of the bands

  • Artists supported by a professional structure (management team, record company, production company)


Services offered:

  • In-depth listening of the repertoire

  • Development of a unique vision for your show

  • Suggestion of musical arrangements for a live show

  • Creation and implementation of a strategy to conquer the public

  • Directed rehearsals

  • Personalized coaching

  • Merchandizing sales strategy


Price to be discussed according to context and needs.


Prices do not include rehearsal space rental or travel expenses outside of Montreal. Rehearsals preferably take place in a room where we can re-create the actual stage plot of the show.




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